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1 Corinthians Sermon Series

Paul had been part of this church in Corinth when it was established, however, when he comes to write to it in 1 Corinthians, he’s writing to a church that has wandered from the truth.  All kinds of teaching and doctrine had been guzzled up by people who should have known better.  They had divorced belief from behavior and unnecessary snobbery forced people not to sit or talk with one another, based on what they had in life in material terms.

As a result of having diminished the basic message of the cross, they went their own way.  Therefore, when it came to spiritual things, the church in Corinth was a mess.  However, it was still Christ’s church.

Listen to the following sermon series to learn from this very important letter God gave and Paul wrote in order that we may be aware of the danger and perils of living a life wandering from God’s truth in Jesus.  There is no perfect church, but there is a perfect Savior.

1 Corinthians Volume I

1 Corinthians Volume II

1 Corinthians Volume III

1 Corinthians Volume IV

1 Corinthians Volume V

1 Corinthians Volume VI

1 Corinthians Volume VII

1 Corinthians Volume VIII

Latest Sermon: Messiah - Posted October 14, 2018

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