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Building Use Request Form

Need to reserve the church?

We are happy to make our facility available to the congregation.  To reserve the church, please review the Building Use Policy and complete the Building Request Form (electronically or printed).  Completed electronic forms will be submitted directly to the Secretary via email.   All paper forms can be placed in the Secretary’s mailbox at the church.

Please allow 1 week for confirmation from the WCC Secretary.

West Cohasset Chapel Building Use Policy

Building Use Request Form

Building Use Request Form

  • Include set-up, clean-up and/or rehearsal time
    $150 fee for AV use*
  • I agree to the following terms of property usage: (as applicable)

    1. Any permit granted for use of church facilities may be revoked by the WCC Elders at their discretion. Use of this property is a privilege and not a right. WCC reserves the right to refuse the use of this property for any reason. 2. All facilities of the church can only be used for activities which glorify God. Therefore, no gambling, fighting, quarreling, profane language, obscenity, narcotics, nicotine products or intoxicants are allowed on WCC property. All music must be submitted to the elder board (including lyrics in some cases) for approval. 3. No use of these facilities may conflict with normal church usage. 4. Church facility users have read and must comply with the WCC Child Safety & Protection Guidelines (a requested copy can be obtained through the WCC office). 5. Adequate adult supervision and sponsorship is required of all groups using church facilities. 6. Use of the facilities is restricted to only those rooms that are approved for use (not counting the foyer, hallways and bathrooms). 7. Church furniture and/or equipment shall not be moved by anyone who is not a WCC member without permission of the Church Ministry Coordinator. 8. No equipment, material or supplies shall be removed from the facilities without prior approval. 9. Persons or organizations using church facilities shall be responsible for all set-up and clean-up (unless other arrangements have been made) as well as damage to church facilities and equipment beyond normal wear or loss of property. Documentation of who will set-up and clean-up the facility must be provided with the application for use. 10. Any use of church facilities shall comply with county ordinances and all state and local fire, health and safety laws. 11. The church representative on duty shall have the power to enforce the rules and regulations of this policy. 12. A group with authorization to use these facilities is permitted to allow entrance only to persons of the approved organization with the exception of WCC members who may need to use other portions of the building. 13. All organizations or groups seeking use of the church premises must designate an authorized individual who will be held responsible on behalf of the organization or group for seeing that all conditions of the policy are met and for the signing of the application for use and liability waiver. 14. Any event that charges a fee in the use of our property must obtain prior approval. 15. Violations of any rule or regulation may be cause for immediate revocation of any permit granted for use of church facilities. 16. This permit is non-transferable. 17. WCC, its officers, members and employees will assume no responsibility for properties left on church premises or injuries that occur on church premises.
  • If you agree to the following terms above.

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