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Colossians Sermon Series

Who am I?  Alive in Christ

The Pathway to Freedom

The gentlemen sitting to my left at a seminar referred to himself as a high school teacher.  Teaching is his profession, but it is not who he is.

A young man with a broken marriage said to his brother, “I’m a failure.”  Although his marriage is in trouble, that is not who he is.

A young girl who was raised in a great many foster care homes often refers to herself now as, “unwanted damaged goods”, but it is not who she is.

As Christians our identity is to be found in our relationship with Christ, not in our personal and often negative life experiences.  So the answer to the question “Who am I?” is to be based on what it means to be in Christ.

To that end, Paul introduces himself to the Church in Colossae as an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God.  His words are not his opinion, but the authorized eternal words of God.

He writes to the believers in Colossae that are receiving instruction from destructive voices who promise to complete and perfect what Christ has already accomplished.  Paul counters this false idea by explaining who Christ is and what His Gospel has provided.  Once they are clear on both, the answer to the “Who am I?” question has a definitive unchanging remarkable answer-regardless of circumstances.

We will never know who we are until we discover who Jesus is and what His Gospel has provided.

Listen to the following sermon series to unpack the lessons of Colossians and examine how we can live a life worthy of the Lord. 

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