If you're learning about Jesus for the first time, watch these introductory videos.


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A 4-minute message from Pastor Joe


In its simplest form, a Christian is a person who trusts in Jesus Christ as the sole means for their salvation and follows Him as Lord.

If you’d like to continue and learn more, listening to these sermon series is a great way to get started.

Who is Jesus

Who is Jesus?

There is an enormous difference between the Jesus of public imagination and the Jesus who becomes known from the pages of the Bible. Jesus of Nazareth is gentle, humble of heart, and God's only remedy for our sins.

In these selected sermons, learn who Jesus was, why He came, and why He is the answer to everything.

What is the Gospel?

It’s always good to receive good news, and that’s what the Gospel is. It’s the good news for those who believe in Christ, who trust in Him and come to Him because of their trust and not because of their works; they are called righteous by God.

There is no gospel, no good news without that message. Jesus has done it all. We need to add nothing to Him.  Learn more in these eight specially selected sermons.

What is the Gospel
Christian Basics

Christian Basics

We use the word basics purposefully. These basics are the straightforward essential truths that have always marked Biblical Christianity. Jesus loves His people, so He does not leave them unkept, uncertain, or on a constant quest to prove themselves to Him.

Here are some sermons on Christian Basics.

Reading the Bible Well

The Bible is used for good by some but also evil by others. People have weaponized the Bible, twisted its message, and wounded people deeply.

These five sermons will help you understand the Bible rightly and soundly.

Reading the Bible Well
What is the Church

What is the Church?

The church—local and global is nothing less than the physical and spiritual expression of Christ's person and work. It is called the body of Christ. The church isn't perfect but loved perfectly by God. These nine sermons are about the church and why she matters.