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Q. Why give online?

A. Online Giving will help you in several ways. It saves time—fewer checks to write. It helps you stay currenteven if you’re on vacation or out of town. It helps maintain your record of giving and it’s easy to use and easy to cancel.

Q. Who can make payments?
A. Any individual may make a payment.

Q. What forms of payment can I use?
A. You can use an electronic check, debit card or credit card.

Q. Is online giving safe?
A. Online Giving is less risky than handwritten checks. It cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. It has an extremely high rate of accuracy and is easier for the church accounting office to process.

Q: Are there administrative fees involved with online giving?
A: Yes, there are merchant fees for credit/debit cards and electronic check transactions. It is optional if you would like to pay the transaction fee, or we will.

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