How to Give Your Testimony

Some help on writing and then giving your testimony of how you came to faith in Jesus Christ.

I.  What does it mean to be a Christian?

a)  To be a Christian is to believe on Christ for our salvation. To believe on Christ is to believe His Gospel.

The Gospel is this: The free forgiveness of our sins, through the suffering and death of Christ in my place.


b)  God is our judge, and we have sinned against Him. This has brought His wrath, His judgment and His curse.

We must be rescued from these things, or we will be eternally condemned, and we cannot save ourselves. But Christ has died in order that sinners can be forgiven and God’s just wrath averted. As we repent and believe on Christ, our sin debt has fully been paid, and we become part of the family of God.


c)  The righteousness God requires if we are ever to be right with Him, He Himself has bestowed, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is revealed in the story of His death. It is bestowed on all those who place their trust in Him.

II.  What were you before? (What I was.)

a)  Paul’s example:

–Acts 26:1-11


b)  The Bible says:

– Ephesians 2:1-3

– Romans 3:10-21


c)  Your experience says:

III.  How were you introduced to the Gospel? (What happened?)


a)  Paul’s example

-Acts 26:12-18


b)  Your Testimony – I first heard the Gospel


c)  After hearing the Gospel, I responded.

IV.  What decision did you come to? (What did you believe?)


a)  Paul’s example

-Acts 26:19-29


b)  My decision:
(Jesus Christ has paid the full penalty of my sins, and He is now the ruler of my life.)

V.  Using your above notes, combine them and write down how you came to faith in Jesus Christ.