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The world we live in is vastly different than of Jude’s.  Despite all our advances, it would be hard to argue that it is a better place.

The modern mind is increasingly convinced that moral restraints of any kind are rusty shackles from a bygone age.  Yet, when we open this small, but powerful book of Jude, we find Jude dropping everything as he urges the Church to struggle against this deception.  He reminds them that the only answer needed is in the only answer given, the true Gospel, a Gospel that every Christian has been entrusted with.

Listen to the messages below by Pastor Joe Franzone for an in-depth study on the book of Jude.

(03.02.2014) Jude: An Introduction Jude

(03.09.2014) I Had To Write You Jude 1-4

(03.23.2014) Churches in Danger Jude 3-4

(03.30.2014) The Coming Judgment on a False Profession Jude 5-7

(04.06.2014) The Marks that Mark a Deceiver, Part I  Jude 8-13

(04.13.2014) The Marks that Mark a Deceiver, Part II Jude 8-13

(04.27.2014) Other Marks that Mark a Deceiver Jude 12-16

(05.04.2014) The Coming Judgment Jude 14b-15a

(05.11.2014) Contending for the Faith, Part I Jude 17-21

(05.18.2014) Contending for the Faith, Part II Jude 22-23

(05.25.2014) To Him Who is Able… Jude 24-25

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