Letter To Our Children

by Pastor Joe | August 18, 2021 | Letters To Our Children


August 18, 2021

(God) works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.

Ephesians 1:11

It is the straight edge of the Law that shows us how crooked we are.

Romans 3:20

August 18

Hello friends!

The simple truth of History, both personal, and global is our God is always at work. In every place and time, God is always working out His purpose through the activities and decisions of humanity.

Since no person or nation is perfect, God works out His purposes, even in events that can seem like the last place He would. Here is one example.

In 1851 the United States Government purchased all the land we know as Southern Minnesota from the Sioux (pronounced Soo) Indians. The agreement was to pay a large sum of money upfront, and then each person once a year would receive their promised payment.

In 1861, because of a poor corn crop that summer, the Sioux had to buy food for winter. But the money promised did not come. The delay continued for weeks and weeks. What came next is a long terrible story of mistrust, blaming, reckless and foolish words from both the American’s and the Sioux, which gave way to all-out war.

In August of 1862, four Americans were shot and killed by the Sioux. In the coming weeks, hundreds of more would die. In response, the governor of Minnesota, Alexander Ramsey, raised an army to stop the killing.

War broke out. There were losses on both sides. However, the killing stopped, and about seventeen hundred Sioux warriors went to prison in Mankato, Minnesota.

Now how in the world would any good come out of this? How would God work out His purposes in such a terrible situation? A Presbyterian Pastor went to the prison, held an outdoor service to proclaim the Gospel. He told Sioux about God’s plan for saving all people from every nation, tribe, and tongue through the death of His only, Son Jesus Christ. That day God began something beautiful.

Week by week, the pastor returned teaching and preaching Christ. In time, the prisoners would sing together and pray together morning and evening. Hundreds who refused to listen in time started to. God worked out His purposes so that the baptism of three -hundred Sioux took place. The same thing happened at the Fort Snelling prison near Minneapolis.

In 1866, the prisoners began to ask God to release them from the prison, and God answered their prayer.

As I think about this true story, it reminds me how imperfect we are as humans and how terrible we can treat each other. But it also reminds me how merciful God is as He works out His purpose (Salvation!) in our fumbling’s and bumbling’s. The Sioux and Americans made some bad decisions. Still, God worked—many people became Christians.

When you read this story, the point is not to try and figure out who was right or wrong and then pick a team. The point is to look at how God worked out His purpose. No one was deserving of anything yet, in the awfulness of this true story, Salvation.

As we keep our minds tied to this truth—no events in our lives are too much for Him. His eyes never close, His hands never rest, His purpose is assured.

May God open our eyes wide to His Amazing Grace.

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Pastor Joe