Letter To Our Children

by Pastor Joe | July 6, 2022 | Letters To Our Children


July 6, 2022

…and He knows everything.


1 John 3:20

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere,

  keeping watch on the wicked and the good


Proverbs 15:3


Q: Does God know all things?

A: Yes, nothing can be hidden from God.

Children Catechism questions #12


Hello friends

Who is the smartest person you know? Do they know everything? Are they omniscient? Omniscient is a word that means knowing everything.


God Knows All-Things

There is only one person who knows everything; He is God. You see, God is not just a God who knows a little bit about some things. He is not even a God who knows a whole lot about a lot of things. He is the God who knows everything about everything. He knows all things as they are. He knows all things as they will be. He knows all things past, present, and future. He knows things large and things small. There is nothing God does not know.


For the Christian, this is incredibly peaceful, and makes us know we are safe. God our guide, in His omniscience (knowing all things), is wise and careful with our lives. He both knows what's best to do and He has the ability, the power, to do it.


God Sees All Things

Security cameras are a common part of our life. They can do so much good, showing what is happening or what did happen. However, God is not like that. God does not have to watch anything to learn. He doesn’t need to open up a book to be taught anything to know what is going to happen or what the right thing to do is. God doesn't need to learn to decide. He is not like a computer that retrieves a file. He knows things directly, immediately, before they ever take place.


For the Christian, to know God knows all things and sees all things is not a terrifying truth but tremendous moment-by-moment comfort. It leaves us in awe and gratitude for God. We are never forgotten. His care will be according to His promises. You don’t need to be afraid about today, tomorrow, or next year. Although, we cannot see things through to their end-God can. So, let this help you shape your choices.


To anyone who is not a Christian, to know God knows and sees all things must be dreadful. They cannot hide from God. They have no place to take their sin.


Do you know this song? Maybe we can take a moment and do what the last line says.


Who has given counsel to the Lord?
Who can question any of His words?
Who can teach, the one who knows all things?
Who can fathom all His wondrous deeds?


Behold our God, seated on His throne
Come, let us adore him.



God is with you!


Your Friend,

Pastor Joe