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Luke Volume III

(04.18.10)  The Cost of Bringing the Gospel to Others Luke 6:24-27

(04.25.10)  Love Your Enemies for the Sake of the Gospel Luke 6:27-36

(05.02.10) Do Not Judge Others Luke 6:42-49

(05.09.10) Too Blind to See Luke 6:42-49

(05.16.10) Conduct Worthy of the Gospel Luke 6:43-49

(05.23.10) He Speaks, and New Life the Dead Receive Luke 7:1-17

(05.30.10) Jesus, John and Us Luke 7:18-35

(06.06.10) Grace and Repentance Luke 7:36-50

(06.13.10) Parable of the Sower Luke 8:1-18

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