A Prayer For You Today

Pastor Joe | November 20, 2023 | A Prayer For You Today

A Prayer for You Today (1)

November 20, 2023

Have faith in God.

Mark 11:22

We are just a few steps away from the beginning of the Holidays. We thank God for the old and new things we will be doing and the old and new friends we will celebrate with.


To some, this time of year can be a trial; to others, a thrill, and still, to others, a time of needed rest and renewal. I suspect we might all be in one of the places now or in the future. Therefore, we rest in this: what was promised through God's prophets has been fulfilled in God's Son—our Lord Jesus Christ. In the new heaven and earth, every sad thing will be made untrue, every dark thing removed forever, and great joy will be celebrated because of, and in the presence of, the Risen Christ.


A prayer for you today.


Father, as we enter this holiday season, for Jesus' sake, please open Your hand over this fellowship.


Fill us with joyous confidence towards You so that worry and care be removed from our hearts, so we may not doubt You will bless our labor beyond our toil as You provide us our daily needs and rich blessings to share with others and enjoy ourselves in the right measure.


Teach us contentment in what You provide. May we prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper. (3 John 2).


May You lay us down each night able to fully rest, as no worry or folly mark our descent into sleep. Keeping our minds on Christ and Him crucified, risen, ascended, and returning.


Thank You, Father, for caring more deeply than we know. Amen.



God bless you this day and this Thanksgiving week.

Pastor Joe