Congratulations on your recent engagement! At West Cohasset Chapel we are committed to the design of God Himself for marriage as described in the Bible. We take seriously our responsibilities as a church and as pastors in the wedding process, both before and after the wedding day.

Before contacting us, please take a few minutes to read through the following:

  1. FAQs
  2. Principles
  3. Timeline

These will help answer your preliminary questions, and when you are ready, please get in touch with the church office.

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from individuals interested in pre-maritial counseling. If you have additional questions please send us an email or call the church office at 218-999-9030.

Why does West Cohasset Chapel have a process, rather than simply scheduling weddings?

1. We try to take our entire approach to Christian marriage as a very serious responsibility, and so our process must be consistent with the teaching of God's Word;

2. We view the pre-marital process as a link in a mutual commitment between the couple and WCC which will continue following marriage;

3. The calendar and the volume of requests necessitate our having a standing policy for handling wedding requests. 

Are there guidelines for who may be married at West Cohasset Chapel?

1. Yes. By definition, a Christian marriage is comprised of a man and a woman who have individually committed their lives to Jesus Christ.  We are not free to perform the marriages of couples who have not made this commitment.  (See our Principles tab.)

2. In most cases, the couple is requested to have attended West Cohasset Chapel regularly for at least six months before applying.

How long does West Cohasset Chapel's process take to complete?

1. Excluding the initial interview and approval, the premarital process time varies.

2. You can begin the process by calling the church office at 218-999-9030 or submitting the forms below.

Marriage is a relationship designed and ordained by God, and its significance is emphasized repeatedly in Scripture. In light of the Biblical truths surrounding marriage, it is essential that the Church take seriously its participation in a marriage, as well as its responsibility in preparation. God, in His wisdom, chose the marriage relationship as the example to relate insights about the relationship between Christ and His Bride, the Church. Just as the Church has a high calling as the Bride of Christ so does a man and woman in preparation for the marriage covenant.

Covenant can be defined as a solemn, binding agreement that reflects the moral nature of God. The marriage covenant is taken between God, a man and a woman. Our calling is to reflect Christ in our lives. Marriage is the next strongest reflection of Christ to the world; furthermore, in a Christian marriage, the Scripture teaches that a healthy marriage, in time, will reflect that.

Who can marry at WCC?

By definition, a Christian marriage is comprised of a man and woman who individually have committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

In most cases, all applicants are requested to attend WCC regularly for at least 6 months as a couple prior to the application process. We recommend that couples attending church, take their covenant in their home church.

The following is the typical order and timeline of events that a couple goes through during pre-marital counseling.


Once a couple is engaged

1. Read and understand our principles in the pre-marital process. 

2. Call the church office to talk to the secretary after completing the questionnaries below.

3. A tentative wedding date is set on the church calendar.

4. An interview with a pastor will be scheduled once your application has been received.

5. The application is reviewed by the pastor and direction is given.

Once the above steps are complete...

The engaged couple and pastor have 6-8 sessions when a mutually acceptable schedule is set.

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