Worship Ministry

The mission of the WCC Music Ministry is to help God’s people worship and take joy in the glory of the Triune God through the gift of music. With song, prayer, reading of Scripture, and truth-filled encouragement, we desire to build one another up as we praise our Lord Jesus Christ in each of our worship services. When we sing corporately, music must not be an end in itself but rather a means of expressing the worship already present in our hearts.

So why do we sing? When we sing, we obey. When we sing, we express truths within God’s Word. When we sing, we build others up. When we sing, we make war against Satan, evil, and sin. When we sing, we are strengthened—in trial and onto joy. When we sing, we bring glory to God. When we sing, we remind ourselves there is a higher throne; it is real, and our God is on it. (Scripture to consider: Psa. 9515963Eph. 5:16-19Col. 3:16Rev. 7)

We love to hear God’s people sing. What a joy it is to express adoration for our Lord Jesus Christ as we gather together in corporate worship. With God’s help, we set ourselves aside and usher forward all attention to Jesus.